Airport Transfer
We organize transfers from the airport to Foça / Yenifoça and back 'around the clock'.

Metro Station Transfer
We also make transfers between the metro stations Bicerova and Hatundere to Yenifoca and Foca (Eskifoca) respectively.

The prices shown below are all one way prices.


Airport Transfer
Izmir Airport - Foca or Yenifoca
1-4 persons w/luggage:     245 TL
1-4 persons w/MUCH* luggage:     395 TL
5-7 persons w/luggage:     395 TL
8-10 persons w/luggage:     450 TL

Metro Station Transfer Yenifoca
between Bicerova and Yenifoca
1-4 persons w/luggage:       80 TL
1-4 persons w/MUCH* luggage:     130 TL
5-7 persons w/luggage:     130 TL

Metro Station Transfer Eskifoca
between Hatundere and Foca (Eskifoca)
1-4 persons w/luggage:       100 TL
1-4 persons w/MUCH* luggage:     160 TL
5-7 persons w/luggage:     160 TL

* More than will fit into a passenger car.