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Eski Foca

Eski Foca -

a small fishing town 'under the most beautiful sky' - that's what the local people say...

If you are planning to spend your holiday in a cozy, enchanting area, Eski Foca will be the right place for you.

Eski Foca is a small fishing town that has kept up its old traditions, and it is far away from mass tourism. The attractive fish restaurants, bars, cafés induce an impression of satisfaction and relaxation.

Small shopping streets, in which you may find some special souvenirs and modern boutiques or internet cafés, make your exploration walk towards the sunset a real pleasure.

The typical weekly market is on Tuesdays.

In the Foca area you will find a varied choice of clean, serviced beaches. A day trip by boat is also recommended, where you will be able to see the famous Siren Rocks at close range, and small secluded bays for swimming

Let yourself be carried away by the friendly attitude of the local people and enjoy a wonderful holiday in the pretty town of Eski Foca!

To learn more about Eski Foca, we recommend the websiteça. You will find lots of interesting and useful information there!

We will of course also help as best we can if you have further questions or need more information.

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Yeni Foca

Yenifoca -

a loving and a true description of the little town is 'a sleepy, typical Turkish village'.

If you are looking for a holiday far from mass tourism, a place where you can find peace and relaxation, Yenifoca will be the right place for you. A bit of culture, origin and tradition outstandingly combined with modern life.

Yenifoca is about 70 km from Izmir. The road to Eski Foca leads along the coast and let you see many an old settlement or building, and it takes you through a most wonderful natural landscape.

Yenifoca is about 5000 years old and has a diverse history. Many old buildings, like e.g. a church, have been restored and are used for housing or public institutions. Also, most of the old dwelling houses have been renovated to give the little town a nice appearance.

The small fishing port is still only used by local fishermen, who are going out with their boats every morning, and in the afternoon they are back, offering their catch of fresh fish. That makes a good opportunity to buy some of it and take it home for grilling.

The typical weekly market is on Wednesdays.

Along the sea side you'll find a variety of small fish restaurants, bars and beach cafés.

The sea front promenade, that runs over 1 km along the town centre, is clean and serviced and therefore ideal for both children and adults. There are also recommended walks to take in the area, one of them to the village of Kozbeyli, which is still quite original and can offer special temptations for the palate.

We will of course also help as best we can if you have further questions or need more information.

Mobile: 0090 532 421 7202