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Terms and Conditions

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All prices include VAT and are set for one year and may also be paid in the local currency, Turkish Lira. However, in the event of extraordinarily high price increase, price adjustments may have to be made.
We reserve the right also to change the contents of these pages without warning.

Termination of contract
A service contract can be terminated one month before its expiry. Either party can end the contract by sending a written resignation. If a customer wants to cancel our services before that, we have to increase the monthly payment for the agreed services up until then by 50%.

Bills are to be paid on presentation or according to deadline agreements. If a bill is not paid by the due date, it will incur a surcharge, and a new deadline will be given. In the case of failure to pay within the second deadline, a further surcharge will be charged and a final deadline fixed. If the balance has still not been settled by the final deadline, all agreements will immediately be cancelled, and the case will be given over to our lawyers.

Advance payment
When a bill is presented, an advance payment for the coming months will be due. The size of the advance will be in accordance with the services agreed.

House owners with housing service

min. £260

House owners with payment service

min. £130

Without any services

min. £90

Advance payment can be paid in monthly installments of min. £65 per month.

Valid from March 2023.

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