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Dealing with authorities

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On your behalf we are able to take care of all formalities with public authorities, i.e.:

  • Residence Permit for foreigners
  • Application for a tax number
  • Protect house owners' interests at the public notary and counselling in legal disputes
  • Property take over
  • Applications for water, electricity, telephone and internet installations
  • Property registrations in the land registry
  • Surveying of a property by a company with an official verification document
  • Valuation of the property by an expert (legal obligation when buying or selling)
  • Car registration
  • Application for technical and environmental car inspection
  • Registration of Turkish boats for foreign owners.
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residence permit

Foreigners can stay in Turkey for 90 days within six months (180 days). If your stay lasts longer, you will need a residence permit.

We can organize all the necessary steps (application online).

We are available to assist you with all documents and personal interviews at the immigration office in Izmir.

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