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The following jobs can be taken care of, depending on the time of the year:

  • Watering the garden, lawn mowing,
    Garden weeding, rubbish removal;
    Aerating the ground, pruning plants according to the season.
    When necessary spreading fertilizer and spraying against insects. Material costs will be billed to the customer.
  • Cleaning the paths,
    Checking the water cistern and the plumbing. Running costs will be billed to the customer.

Prices on request.
Please mail us at::

We can arrange a one-off garden renovation any time, e.g. in spring or just before your arrival.

Charges will relate to the cost of the work.

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Pool service

We check your pool regularly to keep the water quality at its best. The pool service includes:
Pump controls - correct dosage of chemicals - regular measuring of water quality.
The pump is controlled by a timer.
Cleaning the pool floor - removal of natural deposits like leaves, insects etc 
Topping up with clean water
Purchase of chemicals and other items  
Call in qualified personnel in case of malfunctions or irregularities and supervise the repairs

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Price per month:

1.650 TL

Running costs for cleaning the pool before start of the season or rebuilding /extension works will be charged to the customer.

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