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Internet / cell phone

It is possible to buy a fixed internet connection from Telekom (Turkish telecommunications company). Here you can choose a connection that is limited to a couple of months, or a connection for a maximum of two years. This can be extended.

The internet provider Türkcell has a mobile solution. You can buy a Wifi USB stick including a chip. The chip can then be charged with the desired GB capacity.

After the last charging date, the chip must be recharged within 6 months, with a minimum GB capacity, in order for it to remain activated.

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You can buy a cell phone in Turkey.

In addition, a SIM card is required, which is purchased once.
This mobile number needs to be recharged to a minimum at least every 6 months to keep the number active.

When you are in Turkey and use your cell phone, you can top up individual capacities for calls within Turkey and / or a package for EU calls (including the UK and Norway).

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