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House Cleaning

If notification is given less than 7 days before arrival,
If you don't subscribe to any other regular services,
a small, additional fee will be added.

Per cleaning, up to 90m², incl. materials and transport etc.:

630 TL

Per cleaning for 90m2 - 145m²:

780 TL

Spring cleaning, extra:

780 - 950 TL

Intermediate cleaning:

480 - 600 TL

Preparing and 'opening up' the house (no cleaning):

190 TL

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Laundry Service

The laundry will be picked up from the house after your departure and brought to the office to be washed. We use a good detergent and wash in an environmentally friendly way.
After the laundry has dried, it is folded neatly and put back in the appropriate cupboards in the house.
For particularly stubborn stains (such as wax stains) we can carry out a special treatment.

Per washing machine, including collection and return (including removing any stains): 95 TL

If desired, we can iron the laundry for a small fee.

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