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House service

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Once a week we inspect your house, both inside and out. This includes dealing with small jobs, e.g. tightening loose screws or oiling locks, covered by the monthly service fee.

Larger repair and/or renovation jobs will be made and supervised after external cost estimates are agreed by the owner.

In cases of larger damage we will inform the owner and advise on solutions for solving the problem.

Our service includes paying your bills promptly e.g. property tax, telephone and internet, electricity, water and rubbish disposal. Information and a basic translation service (to help you solve problems) are included in our service.

Per House / Month


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Payment of fees, taxes etc.

(Only for house owners with no house service agreement)

Prompt payment of the fees for telephone, property tax, rubbish removal, tax, water and electricity consumption.

Telephone or Internet or Water

yearly £50

For annual payment service (eg telephone) we charge a fee of £50. The fee for each new payment service is reduced by 10%.)

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Property tax:

yearly £8

Property tax / water and electricity consumption:

yearly £120

Car tax / boat tax:

per payment £8

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